Rival City Heights Super Secret Detroit Show!

Hey there Detroit fans!

We’re excited to announce that we’re playing a SECRET SHOW on February 16 somewhere in the Detroit area! It’s so secret we can’t even tell you where it is until the afternoon of the show!

Here’s what we CAN tell you:

Tickets are $30 each, exact cash only, at the door.

Each fan will get to see the band’s live set and have the opportunity to take a photo with the band.

Bring one Rival City Heights item to get signed … or buy merch we’ll have for sale, including our brand-new tour shirts!

No alcohol will be served, but there will be plenty of Red Bull … and Red Bull girls!

Tickets are limited to 50, so don’t miss out!

Stay tuned for the location, coming at you on Tuesday afternoon. Check out the poster below for a breakdown of the details. Can’t wait to see you there!


 Rival City Heights Secret show February 16 2016